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Price and fees list for Deutsch Aktiv course system

Prices for course levels

Preise Sprachschule DortmundThe prices refer to one course level each and include copies and additional material (in courses B2 and C1). Before you can take part in a course at Deutsch Aktiv you have to do an leveling test to make sure that you are in the correct course level. This leveling test not apply to A1-courses or to subsequent courses, even if the courses are not completed one after the other. There are no additional costs for the leveling test, school‘s mid-level and final exams.

Course level Cost Included Admission test fee
A1 499 € additional material
A2 499 € additional material
B1 499 € additional material
B2 499 € additional material
C1 519 € additional material

We point out to the students that further costs arise for the used textbooks. These costs are dependent on the level and the used textbook and can not be influenced by Deutsch Aktiv. The student is free to purchase the textbooks privately and buy for example reused textbooks cheaper. We will prove the option of a bulk order, which could be used for a discount. This discount is negotiated with the respective publishers and benefits the students of Deutsch Aktiv.

The cost of registering for examinations outside the school is borne by the student. Deutsch Aktiv has no influence on the pricing of these exams. The costs depend on the chosen exam and the examining institute.



  • 25. October – 17. December 2021
  • 10. January – 09. March 2022
  • 21. March – 23. May 2022
  • 01. June – 29. July 2022
  • 22. August – 14. October 2022
  • 24. October – 16. December 2022
Deutsch Sprachschule Dortmund

Nächste Kursphase: 25.10.2021 – 17.12.2021

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