A1 - Beginner course

Deutsch Aktiv language Institute courses. In the course you will learn the basics of the German language.

A1 Course details

German course information overview

  • Level: A1
  • Lessons: 20 lessons / week
  • Price: 539 €


A1-course, beginner. The course teaches everyday knowledge to meet specific needs. Simple, familiar expressions and simple sentences can be understood and used after the course. The mediated knowledge includes asking questions about one's own person and responding to such questions. You can give information about the place of residence, leisure activities, your country of origin, and known persons and things. Simple questions that are spoken slowly and clearly can be understood and answered.


The vocabulary includes many everyday topics such as leisure activities, housing, food, clothing, etc. It also includes numbers and dates, days of the week, months and seasons to describe times and routines and to talk about routines. The topic of study and work is also dealt with in detail. The practice of language is given enough space, so you can ask and understand information outside the course.



  • 08. January – 08. March 2024
  • 18. March – 24. May 2024
  • 03. June – 31. July 2024
  • 19. August – 11. October 2024
  • 21. October – 20. December 2024
  • January – March 2025
Deutsch Sprachschule Dortmund

Nächste Kursphase: 19.08.2024 – 11.10.2024

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