Extra - Activities and additional offers

Deutsch Aktiv language Institute courses. Special additional offers improve your German skills and train specific aspects of your language skills. But also the fun should not be neglected. For this purpose, we offer an additional program with extracurricular activities to show you that learning German can also be fun.

Details of additional offers

German course information overview

  • Level: Extra
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Free

Educational offers for learning German

In order to prepare for the language test and to improve on individual skills, you can sign up for additional courses. These additional courses cover the individual skills listening, grammar, writing and speaking / communication. In short training sessions of up to two and a half hours, you will receive exercises and valuable help to improve your skills in the German language. The training sessions give you the opportunity to improve your German in small groups in addition to the regular lessons in our premises and with our teachers - and exactly the area of ​​the language that is most important to you. The additional courses take place during the week after the regular classes (17:00 to 19:00). If necessary and demand, we also enable you to take advantage of other offers on the weekends, so that you have the greatest possible flexibility in the design of your learning processes. Ask your teacher for further education or ask at the office!

Extracurricular offers

Learning German does not always take place in the classroom with a teacher or a teacher at the blackboard. We also offer you after class lessons to improve your language skills. Learn with classmates in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy lots of activities in or out of school. Join our game evenings, visit theaters and museums with us, watch German films and get to know Dortmund outside the classroom. For this we have put together a great and varied program, so that you have fun while learning German and come in contact with other learners of German from all over the world. We have a collection of games that are particularly well-suited for talking, negotiating, explaining, or vocabulary training. In addition, there are many interesting things to discover in the city of Dortmund. For example, did you know that Dortmund's Christmas market is home to the largest Christmas tree in the world? Or that there is a beer museum in Dortmund? Of course, participation is always voluntary. You can also plan activities yourself if you have ideas on how we can organize evenings together.

On special dates and holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Day of German Unity and Halloween, we will organize small festivals. In addition to celebrating, you will also learn more about German culture and customs. But we are also happy when you "bring along" festivals from your home country and make suggestions on how we can celebrate them together.



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  • 18. March – 24. May 2024
  • 03. June – 31. July 2024
  • 19. August – 11. October 2024
  • 21. October – 20. December 2024
  • January – March 2025
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