B1 - Advanced language usage

Deutsch Aktiv language Institute courses. In the B1 course you will learn to speak or write about things you are familiar with and to use simple phrases in German independently.

B1 Course details

German course information overview

  • Level: B1
  • Lessons: about 200
  • Price: 499 €

Lead conversations and understand key arguments

B1-course, advanced language usage. The course teaches knowledge about work, school, leisure, interests, etc. After the course, you can have conversations and understand their main arguments, using a clear standard language and familiar topics. You can talk about experiences and experiences, talk about your dreams, hopes and goals, and give brief explanations or justifications for plans and views.


The topics dealt with concern above all the personal sphere (hobbies, work, family, travel, etc.) and current events. Related to these topics, you can also describe your opinion, wishes and plans and formulate your point of view. You understand the main content of slowly spoken standard language from many topics in your immediate environment. You acquire an advanced repertoire of verbal and grammatical structures to request or reproduce information in situations. Your language repertoire allows you to write coherent texts describing views and experiences from your perspective.



  • 01. July – 23. August 2019
  • 03. September – 24. October 2019
  • 29. October – 20. December 2019
  • 09. January – 06. March 2020
  • 16. March – 18. May 2020
  • 27. May – 24. July 2020
Deutsch Sprachschule Dortmund

Kursphase: 29.10.2019 - 20.12.2019

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