Exam - language examination

Exams are important!

Why are there exams?

Exams are important - for teachers as well as for students. With exams, teachers review students' progress. In this way we can see if the mediated content was understood and absorbed. When there are problems, exams can help identify where the problems arose and work to repair them. In addition, it can be ensured that the class composition is as homogeneous as possible, so that all students benefit equally from the lessons.

Deutsch lernen DortmundDeutsch Aktiv language Institute exams are also important for you as a learner. On the one hand, an exam is a useful motivational tool to motivate you to learn the contents and topics well. It also gives you feedback on what you've learned sufficiently. You recognize areas in your learning process that require more practice. In the DSH, telc or TestDaF exam. We as teachers know that an exam often causes negative connotations among students. But you must always be aware of that. We do not want to give you any exams, but give you feedback in this way.

Exams for the study

Deutschkurse in DortmundBefore you can start studying in Germany, you must prove that you have sufficient German skills so that you can also follow the lectures and seminars and successfully complete your studies. For persons without German as their native language, this means that a language examination must be taken. You will find below further information about the different test options which are presented. Which of these is the right one for you depends on where and what you want to study. You will receive specific information from the university and the relevant department of the subject you wish to study. Please also note that conditions may vary from department to department!

DSH - German language exam for university entrance

The DSH is offered and carried out by various universities. Therefore, the individual tests also differ slightly among each other. To register, you first need a C1 certificate. There are three DSH levels. DSH-1 is 57-67%, DSH-2 is 67-81%, and DSH-3 is 82%. For most courses you will need DSH-2, as DSH-1 is rarely sufficient for studying in Germany. Some courses also require DSH-3. Please allow yourself ample time to fulfill these requirements. The costs are between 70 and 150 euros. The exam consists of a written and an oral section. You have to pass both parts of the exam in order to get a total score.

Further information - DSH

telc German C1 College

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule is run by so-called examination centers. These are licensed schools which offer the exams. There are many examination centers in different cities throughout Germany. The exam consists of a written and an oral part, with the written part lasting 3 hours and 20 minutes. You will then receive 20 minutes of preparation time for the oral exam. The two parts of the exam mayl be held on the same or different day. In the event you fail a component, it is sufficient to repeat only this section of the exam.

Infos - telc


The TestDaF is offered and performed by test centers. In Dortmund, for example, this is the University of Applied Sciences. The exam currently costs 195 euros. The costs can be different in the individual test centers. The exam consists of a written and an oral part, which are taken on one day. Both partial exams have to be passed. As a rule, the test-DaF level 4 is sufficient for the approval. Inquire here at your university before.

Further information - testdaf



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