B2 - Independent language usage

Deutsch Aktiv language Institute courses. The course qualifies you for independent language use in all sub-skills.

B2 Course details

German course information overview

  • Level: B2
  • Lessons: about 200
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Price: 495 €

Understand complex texts

B2-course, independent language usage. The course imparts knowledge that allows you to understand the main content of expert discussions from your subject and complex texts, even if they relate to abstract topics. You can talk fluently to native speakers in a normal conversation. In addition, you can give detailed descriptions of many topics, explain the advantages and disadvantages of situations, and take a stand on current issues.


You can understand texts and contributions about current events and capture the points of view shown. In terms of listening, you are able to follow even longer, more complex reports. You will understand news and reports on television as well as feature films in standard language. Your active speaking and writing skills will be improved so that you can report and comment on many topics in writing or in verbal detail. You can describe arguments and counter arguments (written and oral) and use German orally spontaneously and fluently in a conversation.



  • 01. July – 23. August 2019
  • 03. September – 24. October 2019
  • 29. October – 20. December 2019
  • 09. January – 06. March 2020
  • 16. March – 18. May 2020
  • 27. May – 24. July 2020
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